Tisha Murvihill

Harp Teacher
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dusty Strings FH36B harp

Dusty Strings FH36B 1998 Walnut


/ $4300cad

Can ship to US or Canada. Contact seller to hear and see this extrodinary harp over Zoom/Skype/Facetime.

This is an outstanding instrument. Rarely have I heard such a beautiful, even, present sound in an instrument. It feels so comfortable and easy to play because every note sounds amazing.

Purchased in 2004 from Sylvia Woods Harps in California, built in 1996.

Comes with soft padded case, extra strings, tuning key, and a music stand that attaches to the pillar

Pilgrim 34 string Ashdown harp

Pilgrim Ashdown, 34 strings


/ $2650cad

Can ship to US or Canada. 1994 Pilgrim Ashdown harp made in Wales. Price reduced due to structural crack in neck. Purchase at your own risk. Beautiful, mellow, soft, sweet tone. Pilgrim levers have a reversed technology, down is engaged, up is disengaged.

Markwood 29 string wire harp

Beautifully aged Markwood 29 string wire harp (1988) with blade levers


/ $2200cad

Deep, rich colour

Can ship to US or Canada. Contact seller to see and hear this harp played over Zoom/Skype/Facetime.

Take home a classic! Built by Mark Bolles in 1988. This harp has that poignant wire string sound which is steeped in history. The sound of a wire-strung harp takes you immediately to a different time and place. A magical experience!

Extra strings, tuning key, cover included. Beautiful cover with real sheepswool lining. Blade levers.

29-string Pierpont Irish Harp

Craig Pierpont Irish Style 29-string Maple


/ $2000cad

Can ship to US or Canada. Contact seller to see and hear this harp played over Zoom/Skype/Facetime.

Nice, big sound. Tuning key, cover, legs included. Legs added by first owner. An excellent instrument!!

Charles Lindeman Gold Harp

Rare Charles Lindeman Harp - Gold Semi-Grand(1920s or 1930s)


/ $2200cad

A fixer-upper. This harp is not playable. Can ship to US or Canada. Contact seller to see this historically important harp over Zoom/Skype/Facetime.

Perfect try-out harp for a lever harp maker wanting start working on pedal harps. Gold is in poor shape. Extreme cracking in the sound-board. Can not be pulled up to pitch. 44 Strings.

Charles Lindeman, (b Chicago, c1881). American harp maker. He worked as a toolmaker for Lang & Heckenlauer in Chicago, where he learnt to repair pedal harps under the direction of Cyrus Heckenlauer, a former employee of Erard in Europe. At the age of 24, Lindeman set up his own business as C.A. Lindeman Harp Manufacturer (6224 Peterson Avenue, Chicago), and later as the Lindeman Harp Company. (from Oxford Music online)

Mahogany Sierra 36 Lever Harp

Triplett Sierra 36 Lever Harp

$3000usd / $4300cad

Pristine condition. One owner. Purchased in 2011. Just regulated.

Can ship to US or Canada. This like new harp has a lovely, gentle, classic sound from one of our finest and most respected harp makers, Triplett Harps. A beautiful instrument that will add joy and warmth to any home. The harp is maple. for photo of actual harp. Rent-to-own available in the Calgary area.

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